Design Inspiration; Hey, Carl!

Your inspiration for this week is me. ICYMI – I relaunched my website and looks fab AF. While my site before did its job for the most part, it was a carry over from CK Design. It was my sales page for VIP days before I completely leaned into it for my business structure and built out Hey, Carl!. 

While it worked and helped me launch into the new business and brand (done, not perfect), it wasn’t exactly Hey, Carl! And I knew this when I published my brand. But I needed a website and I needed it sooner than later – so I used what I had and made it work.

Now that we’re almost a year into Hey, Carl! (can you believe it?!) it was time to redesign and build it just for this business. No more carry over, no more ties, it has a space that’s 100% its own and I fuckin’ love it. Take a look at it today and lemme know what you think!

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