10 ways to use brand photography


Brand photography is a super useful way to generate content, make your business more human, create more of an experience for your audience and to spark engagement. It’s a win/win/win/win #winning thing to do for your brand and business and it’s a good investment to make. If one of the things that’s been holding you back on getting a session done is overwhelm on how you’d even use these photos – check out these top 10 ways below and download my brand photography 101 checklist at the bottom, too!

  1. Your website.
    This is a given. Sprinkle your face, services, products, brand style all over your website. It makes it look WAY more professional and it makes is super unique to you, your business and your brand.
  2. Social media.
    I mean, this is also a given. For now at this moment, social media is free and it’s a fantastic resource to gobble up for your brand. Add these photos on your feed, posts, profile pics, banners – all. of. it.
  3. Print materials.
    If you have any events coming up that’s going to require print items, use your brand photos in them! Great for brochures, banners, mailers, flyers… all the things.
  4. Advertising and marketing.
    If you’re advertising and marketing your business, what better way to emphasize who YOU are and what your business is than using your own brand photos? Use them up!
  5. Downloads and guides.
    If you have any downloads you give out or guides you give to clients, this is a super fun way to personalize that with brand photos.
  6. Blogs and blog posts.
    If you have a blog you can use your brand photos as featured posts or images within your posts. If you’re guest blogging, use one of your new headshots in there!
  7. Email and newsletters.
    Have a newsletter list? Use your brand photos in your header images or one of your nice new headshots as your signature/closing message.
  8. Opt ins and landing pages.
    If you’re selling a specific service or product and want to showcase that on your opt ins/landing pages, dude… use your brand photos.
  9. Products and packaging.
    This one can get a little tricky, but if you have the right products, packaging and hire a good designer – this can look REALLY cool.
  10. Everything your business and brand touches.
    Seriously. The possibilities and use of brand photos is quite literally endless. Campaigns that you’re launching, product launches, updates… all of the things.

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