Learn to trust and follow your intuition

Spider man, spider man!

Not sure what the rest of the song is, honestly. And all I think of is the spider pig or spi-yider from Mega Mind.

Spider senses. Follow them and trust them. Our brain and body communicate with each other every second of every day. As this post is being written now, I’m sitting on the deck with Daisy (my dog) by my leg listening to a football game on the radio and neighbors chatting away. The wind is a slight breeze and I can feel my arm hairs catching it. My nose has some dry boogers. I’m simultaneously thinking about writing this and the words while my fingers are tip, tap, tapping away on the keyboard. We make millions of decisions and take a bajillion micro actions every second without really giving it a thought.

Take a moment now and see what you can observe in the moment. Close your eyes and imagine a white light slowly draping over you from the top of your head to your toes. Observe what your body is feeling as the light covers your body. Think of it like a full body scan.

What noises are around you? Is it cold, is it warm? What parts of your body are tense? What smells are around you? What are you thinking about in the moment?

Your intuition is a very real thing. Your body and brain know what the fuck they’re doing. Pay attention to it.

If you’re feeling exhausted and burnt out, pay attention to it.

If you feel lighter after a client experience or finishing a project, pay attention to it.

If you feel uneasy after a consult call, pay attention to it.

If you’re waking up in the middle of the night, *definitely* pay attention to it.

Helpful tip: meditate. It’s a game changer. Promise.

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