Advice from an empath business owner.

Stop being a lil’ bitch.

Just kidding! Empaths are prone to absorbing and sensing other’s energies and moods. Quite frankly, it can be exhausting. Not only do we have to be in tune with our own selves, we bloat with other peoples shit. But it’s not all that bad and I think it’s really helped me in my business career. Here’s what I’ve learned from being an empath and some tips that might help you, too:

  1. I learned real quick about the value of saying no. No is a complete sentence. You don’t owe anyone anything just for the sake of existing, and someone else’s last minute rush is not your problem.
  2. You learn from your mistakes pretty quick and the type of people you don’t want to work with. It really only takes one or two people to learn this. That energy stinks so bad. One whiff and you’re like ‘nah bro, I’m out.’
  3. You care deeply and your clients/customers will know that. There was one time in my previous business where I was a photographer and I lost an SD card from a destination wedding that had 90% of the images on it. That shit still gives me nightmares, but it also showed how deeply I cared for not only the work but also the people.
  4. Intuition is strong. You can’t always explain it, but when those tiny hairs stick up or your body starts actin’ funny out of nowhere, you notice it ASAP and you start to listen to it sooner/faster.
  5. Make sure you’re filling your cup. There’s a post about this with a title of purpose and passion, or something like that. Anyway, feed your passions. By doing that, you’ll feed yourself and you’ll feed your purpose.
  6. Boundaries are your best friend. Not just with clients and work, but also boundaries with yourself. Create better habits and don’t give into the bad ones – create boundaries. Slap your own hand if you have to.
  7. Don’t take it personal when someone doesn’t book you or chooses another product/service over you. It really isn’t personal. Instead of providing that precious energy of yours in the dumps, put it towards looking up and moving forward. Focus on the tasks at hand, not on the tasks that could of been.
  8. Limit who you follow on social media. It’s super easy in general to get caught up in that imposter syndrome drama. If someone makes you feel unworthy, unfollow them and don’t give them your time or energy. Even if it’s a best friend or family member. It’s not like you’re breaking up with them in real life (unless you need to), you’re just providing space for you to focus on your business without feeling like there’s a shadow in the room with you.
  9. Don’t fixate on the annoying and bad things. Refer to #7.
  10. Meditate. Connect with nature. Connect with yourself. Connect with spirit.

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