How Brand Photography Helps Your Business


Brand photography seems to be trending a bit on the internet these days, but I promise you it’s nothing new. If you haven’t heard of this term and you’re a little confused as to what it is and why it adds value to your business, this post is for you. Even if you HAVE heard of brand photography but you’re unsure on if it’s a good fit your business, this post is for you.So what is brand photography? It’s another term for commercial photography. Except instead of focusing on commercial photos, these sessions are geared to your brand. More than your business, your brand. Your brand is your experience that your business provides. These photos help highlight that experience for your users. Here are the top 5 reasons to have a brand photo session for your business:

  1. As mentioned above, it showcases the experience you’re building for your users.It creates a great way for your target market to relate to your business and it allows you to show your services and/or products in a real way. Ever notice when you see imagery of your favorite beverage be it Coors Lite, Michelob, Jack Daniels… Starbucks, it either gets your mouth watering, it reminds you of a similar experience, it gets you curious to try a new product of their or maybe it just makes you wanna go out and buy a drink, call a buddy and go out for a drink.

  2. It’s a GREAT way to uplevel your brand!!! SO GREAT!You’ve established your business and now you wanna look a little more professional. This is a great, great way to do that. Don’t get me wrong, you can still use your smart phone for good photos, too. More on that on another post. However, smart phones can still be limiting and I personally believe having someone else help you capture your brand brings not only an outside perspective, but it allows someone to capture your brand, your business, your experience without being so close to it. What’s the saying “Can’t see the forest through the trees?”

  3. It gives you more credibility.Especially if you’re not good at taking your own photos. Having a professional take photos of you, your business location, your products, your brand – it gives you a super fresh look and it builds your credibility. Hands down.

  4. It can give you days, if not months of content.Photos are a great way to prompt ideas, inspiration, categories, about who you are, what your business is, the services that you offer, the products you offer etc. Use it for pinterest, instagram, facebook, snapchat, newsletters, all the things. All. The. Things.

  5. Use them for all your brand, marketing, advertising and business needs. Everything. Refresh your facebook picture(s) every month if you want to. Use your images for brochures, ads, flyers, events, rack cards, your website (that’s huge!), press releases, and again – all your social media profiles.

¬†Updating your business with professional photos has many more benefits than the ones listed above, but one of my most favorite reasons is that it helps reginite that passion and fire. If you’re married, had senior photos done, family pictures… did you ever get excited seeing those pictures and wanting to share the crap out of them/get them printed? I know I did. I know all my clients do. Imagine that same excitement, except this time it’s for your business. The thing you’re working to build. The thing that has potential to change your family tree.If you’d like some extra tips on hiring a photographer and getting ready for your brand photo shoot, download my PDF here.

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