Should you start a facebook group for your business?


Facebook groups. Is it for your business? My answer is almost always yes. Instagram is even starting to push conversations and groups. I love the groups that I’m in. I view them as virtual subscriptions. Each group is for different things. I have one group I go to that supports local entrepreneurs in my city, one group that caters to female owned businesses, a group that’s for social media planning, a family group to keep up on updates, a book club group… you get the picture.There are loads of pros to groups:

  1. It builds community around your brand. Invite people who have bought your products or used your services to this group. They can talk about ideas, support one another, gain resources and more.

  2. It builds loyalty and trust. This is a pretty sweet opportunity to extend your brand. Share more articles from your blog, articles that relate to your business, do lives, host interviews. Show your face and that you’re an expert in your field.

  3. It fosters conversation. ‘nuf said.

  4. It creates experience. Brand building – all the yes! You’re basically hosting a never ending party through your brand.

  5. It’s a virtual magazine essentially. You can base this group off of paid subscribers or free subscribers.

There are more benefits to facebook groups but those are my top 5 take aways. All those benefits aside, you really have to think about starting a group before you just jump right into it. If you can’t show up consistently, monitor the conversation(s), start the conversations, hire or have people who can help monitor the group – then I’d wait. I’m all about starting things before you’re ready. Entrepreneurship is learning through the journey. I don’t know a single entrepreneur who started when everything was perfect. Nothing is ever perfect at the right time. If you want to do something/start a business – just do it. But I digress.If you don’t have the time, resources or energy to stay involved or consistent in your group, you’ll most likely end up tarnishing your brand. Your brand will now become flakey. No one likes flakey people. No one likes flakey brands. People are choosing to invest in what you have to offer when they sign up for your group – so make sure you’re able to show up. If you don’t, that’d be like signing up for a magazine subscription and no magazines show up. Or it’d be like being invited to a party and the host just ignores you. Not cool, right?If you’re looking to build up to starting a facebook group, have a plan. As for me… I’ve got plans for a Brand Building group through CK Design. You bet your ass I do. However, I know myself and I personally am just not there yet. I don’t want to invite people in to not show up. I’m a huge fan of the slow burn. Big dreams, big visions but work TOWARDS that step 10. Don’t take steps backwards. That sucks when that happens.

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