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So here’s the scoop: hiring a photographer can get expensive. I offer this as a service and even I can’t always afford to hire a photographer to do my brand photos and portraits. So when I’m busy with with juggling all the other hats as a business owner such as networking, project managing and doing the actual work that people hire me to do, I utilize free resources that will cut time, save money, and will help build my brand all the same.  One of my all time favorite resources is Unsplash. FREE stock photos that you can use for your marketing, social media, advertising and the like. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. It’s filled with gorgeous photos and so many generous photographers willing to share their work. For free. It’s always nice to credit an artist with their work, so it does come recommended to do so, but it is not required. There are a handful of other websites that I use for free photos such as pixabay, which offers free videos. Creativemarket is another resource that I use for my design work and from time to time they offer free stock images. There’s also that offers free stock photos and design templates. I gotta say though, for me… Unsplash tops the cake. Every time. Love the community they’ve built there! OH AND DID I MENTION THAT I DO FREE STOCK PHOTOS TOO!?!Did we just become best friends? YUP! Just sign up for my newsletter and I typically send out 5-10 free stock photos for my fancy friends. If you know of any other sites that offer free stock photos – feel free to share below in the comments!    


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