10 things I’ve learned about working from home


I’ve been working from home for the last 3 years now. Might be pushing more than that, but I’m not totally sure. There’s a lot of freedom that comes with working from home, but there are just as many cons and downfalls as well. Some things are comical, some things not so much. Here are the 10 things I’ve learned from being self employed and working from home:

  1. BOY CAN YOU GET BORED. You’ll probably find yourself talking to inanimate objects on the daily.

  2. Your closet will slowly transition from professional work clothes to athleisure.

  3. Your language you used in the office setting, like proper etiquette, what NOT to say to coworkers can take a sharp turn into awkward convo territory because you’re so desperate for conversations that your filter is broken.

  4. Everyone thinks that you don’t work. You’ll be asked constantly ‘So, what do you do again?’

  5. Working from home does not mean you’ll have a clean house. It might get messier.

  6. Be ready for a higher electric bill or water bill. Or both.

  7. There’s a very real possibility you might become a homebody or an introvert. I have days where I long to go out with friends, but then when I’m out with friends, I’ve gotten so use to solitude that I’m excited to go home and take a nap.

  8. If you are giving yourself a 40 hour work week get a solid 5 hours in of work time in a day, you’re doing great. My first year working from home I really struggled with this. I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. But then when you think back on office time, you have breaks, meetings, lunches, co-worker interaction. All of that eats into your productivity and you were most likely already putting in about 5 hours of work time. My biggest thing (for me), is if my project deadlines are being met and I’m handing out quality work – I’m good.

  9. You’ll miss meetings. Even the pointless ones.

  10. Freedom. I gotta be honest, there are a lot of downfalls to working from home, but the flexible hours and freedom definitely top the cake. For me, at least. My youngest daughter, Emma, isn’t able to get into full time daycare until mid May. For 5 months, Emma’s been home with me part-time. I love, with all my heart, the time that I’m getting to spend with her. Having this flexibility is huge. I can make up my hours easier than those you don’t work from home. However, I really miss my own time and the focus/productivity that comes with less distractions. While I’m going to miss her and I’ll most likely have some strong withdraws, I’m looking forward to being able to consistent uninterrupted work time. Except when Daisy needs to go for walks 🙂

Those are some of my main takeaways. Any resonate with you? Have any extras you’d like to add in? Lemme know in the comments!

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