Mastering the Art of Holiday Campaigns: From Black Friday to New Year’s Eve

Hey there, holiday marketers! The season of sparkle is upon us, from the rush of Black Friday to the toast of New Year’s Eve. It’s a marathon of merriment where brands big and small vie for the attention of festive shoppers. Want to sleigh your holiday campaigns? You’ve come to the right place. This blog post is your roadmap through the tinsel-laden jungle of holiday marketing.

Make a plan

The biggest mistake I see with small business owners is not having a plan and/or waiting until last minute to jump on any holiday sales. I get it. Being a small business owner myself it’s hard to think ahead for seasonal sales when you’re usually always IN the busy season and wanting to rest in the slow season. That or your juggling all the things outside of all the hats you’re wearing for your business.

Even if you’re waiting until last minute, though, it’s important to plan ahead as much as you can:

  • Know Your Dates: Mark your calendar. From Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, to Giving Tuesday, and all the way to New Year’s Eve – each holds unique opportunities.
  • Understand Your Audience: What do your customers crave for the holidays? Is it deals, inspiration, or a sense of community? Tailor your campaign accordingly.
  • Inventory and Supply Chain Check: Nothing says ‘bah humbug’ like a stock-out. Ensure you’re well-stocked for the demand surge.

Black Friday

If you’re choosing to participate in Black Friday, consider the early bird promotions, exclusive offers (think newsletter/email, memberships, social media etc.) and please don’t forget mobile optimization. Make it easy for your viewers to access, buy and sign up for your offer.

Small Business Saturday

Don’t forget about Small Business Saturday! As a small biz, you have the home-court advantage cuz fuck Amazon lololol (just kidding, kinda).

  • Telling Your Story: Share what makes you unique. Authenticity is your currency.
  • Community Engagement: Partner with local businesses. Community strength is a festive force multiplier.
  • Limited Editions: Offer something unique that can’t be found in the big box stores.

Cyber Monday

Catch the digital deal dash and offer a timed offer that creates some urgency. Bundle products/services and do a social media blitz (if your energy gives you time for that).

Giving Tuesday

Connect with your audience and tug at those heart strings bb. Consider some charitable partnerships, highlight sustainability (or anything that aligns with your business values). Look at doing a give away within your business, too!

Countdown to the New Year

  • Last-Minute Shoppers: Offer expedited shipping and easy gift options for procrastinators.
  • Year-End Reflections: Share your year’s highlights and thank your customers for being part of your journey.
  • New Year Promotions: Tease what’s coming next year. Build anticipation for the future.

From Black Friday – New Year’s Eve, the holiday season is more than a string of sales (even though that can be all it feels like, especially if you’re in the small biz world). It’s about opportunities, connection, celebration and sharing stories. You’re not required to do all the sales, you’re not required to do any sales. Find an angle that works for your values, business, people, goals, priorities and energy.

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