Your Secret Ingredient for Holiday Marketing

Hey there, brand builder and holiday cheer spreader! With the Holiday upon us, we can anticipate that everyone and everything is going to be draped in all the festive things. So how do you make your brand stand out through all the tinsel and still keep it looking and feeling like your brand?

I got a secret for you: It’s a brand recipe that’s as good—dare I say better—than grandma’s famous cookie recipe.


Consistency isn’t just about using the same colors or logo – it’s about evoking the same emotions, values, and experiences that keep your customers coming back.

Brand Identity

Your brand’s holiday identity is simply the holiday outfit for the season. Emphasis on outfit. It’s cohesive, it’s unmistakable, and it’s decked out in your unique flavor. When your customers see your holiday branding, they should feel the warmth of your brand. If your brand invited them over to have some hot coacoa; they should feel and sense that brand personality in that space.

Emotional Engagement

Ever wonder why that jingle sticks in your head or why holiday scents bring back a flood of memories? Repetition, my friends. When your brand consistently delivers the same look and feel, you’re not just seen – you’re remembered. And in the holiday rush, memory is your ally.


With consistent branding, you’re telling your audience, “Hey, you know us/me, you can count on us/me to be the same brand you love, holiday or not.” That’s as comforting as a mug of hot cocoa on a snowy eve.

Standout in the Crowd

The holidays are a parade of brands all vying for attention. Consistent branding is your drumbeat in the chaos. It helps your customers spot you in the crowd, like spotting your friend at a packed holiday market because they always wear that quirky Santa hat.

ROI of Consistency

Investing in brand consistency is like putting the perfect bow on your marketing efforts – it pays off. Customers recognize you, choose you, and more importantly, recommend you. Brand consistency can turn your customers into your most effective marketers.

As the holiday season nears, remember: brand consistency is your secret ingredient. It’s what makes your brand feel like home during the holidays (or any time of the year). So, whether it’s your social media, your holiday packaging, or your website, let that consistent brand shine through like the star of the show.

And if the thought of nailing down that holiday branding consistency feels more overwhelming than a Black Friday sale, never fear – Hey, Carl! is here to sprinkle some of our holiday magic on your brand. I’m just a click away from making your brand the holiday hero! Contact me today and let the merry making begin 🙂

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