An Open Letter To The Biz Owner Who Feels Stuck…

You’re running your business and everything is going great until one day you come to the realization that you’re spinning your wheels and getting absolutely nowhere.

You’ve been staring out the window, zoning out to the tunes on the radio (or actively trying to avoid the noise), day dreaming and finally realize:

‘Oh shit. I’m not going anywhere’.

Running a business is hard and at some point – you’re going to feel stuck. There’s going to be lots of ‘stucks’ in your business journey, and that’s okay! It’s all part of the gig. It’s learning how and when to pivot. 

This doesn’t mean you have to burn everything to the ground and start over, it just means you (and your business) is growing and/or changing.Absolutely zero things wrong with that.

But now you might be like ‘Yeah, Carly… but WTF do I do?’

I get it. It can be overwhelming and while I may not have all the answers for you, I can give you some signs that what you’re feeling is because you’re no longer aligned with your brand. Here are some signs that it might be time for a rebrand (and how it can help you get centered!)

👉 You’re offering a new service, or you’ve restructured your services.

A great time to rebrand or refresh is when you’re offering new things. Make it exciting for your clients! Engage them in your new offers by sharing your pivot, story, sale or a gift.

👉 You’ve outgrown your current business.

Perhaps your services are completely different all together and you’re moving into a new direction. A rebrand can help you shed the old skin and start anew.

👉 You’re doing too much.

While I believe you can do all the things because you’re a bad ass betch – it’s not all that great for your business because it causes confusion for you and your clients. If you can’t easily articulate what you’re doing, it’s not clear who you are what you’re about. Hence: chaos. Also hence: rebrand. Triple hence: maybe a sign that you didn’t have any brand strategy to begin with and it’s long over due.

The good news: I can help you because branding is my jam and I have more tips in my Brand Builder magazine that’s filled with design inspiration and branding tips from finances, copy, photography, coaching and more.

The best part? It’s 100% free and you can read it on my website. If you’re a more feel the pages kinda person – you can also order a physical copy (or gift one)

Read it now!

Friend, this magazine is a labor of love and there are soooooo many good pieces of info in here for you. If you’re not sure where to start – start here. And if you’re still feeling stuck, send me an email or book a call today. I’m super friendly and love talking all things branding. 

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