Let’s talk design


Specifically, let’s talk about graphic design.

In short, graphic design is visual communication. Taking an idea and turning it into a story and a way to connect. These visuals can include content, photography, video and illustrations to name a few – all of this is wrapped up in a beautiful bundle of design. Graphic design goes way back to the invention of the wheel. Cavemen drew illustrations to share their hunts, what not to do, how many people were in their family, the type of food they ate, and to connect with others. Egyptians did the same thing using icons and symbols, which we know as hieroglyphics. Overall, design is storytelling, connection and communication.

So, what do designers do?

There’s many types of designers and different specialties; some only focus on illustration, icons, logos, website, packaging or print design to name a few. Every designer’s job, though, is to provide a visual solution that brings an idea to life and resonates the right amount of information with the right people. This is just as true for me, a brand designer and builder. However, my main focus revolves around the business and their story, not just a singular item. My job is to help build more than ‘just a logo’; it includes what’s necessary for their story, which includes icons, a website, colors, content placement, imagery – a bundle of joyous things so they can connect.

That’s neat! What are the benefits of graphic design?

Oh my lanta! There are loads of benefits of graphic design and how it can impact your business. Enjoy this list of 7 benefits of design (there’s more, I promise):

  1. Companies and businesses that put effort on design look more professional

  2. Investing in design is investing in your work culture. Having a design and brand in place provides a vision that your employees can get involved with and be excited about. It’s never fun to put things together when there’s no clarity, consistency and everything just looks like sh!t. Invest in your brand so you can invest in your people. Give them something to be excited about.

  3. Strong web design = conversions. Along with looking professional, having solid design builds trust which leads to conversions with the right people.

  4. Good design makes you more memorable. Especially when you’re consistent.

  5. I’m going to leave this quote here: ‘Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.’ – Steve Jobs. Think of web design specifically – make it work. No one likes a clunky platform or website that’s overwhelming and confusing.

  6. Good design gets rid of the over explaining. Strong visuals and content that resonates or gets to the point saves you time, sanity and money. Stop over explaining – invest in your brand, your story and your visuals.

  7. You provide an opportunity to inspire people. Your people. By giving them visuals others can relate to, you’re inviting them into your story and inspiring them to take action.

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