What’s a fair price for a logo design?

‘What should I pay or expect to pay for a logo design?’
‘What’s a fair price for logos?’
‘How much does a logo design cost?’

These are all common questions I see and get. Before we dive into cost and what’s considered ‘fair’… let’s define what ‘fair’ means.

What’s fair for one person might look entirely different for another. Some great examples are seen in real estate and fashion. Some people have no problem spending hundreds on Louis Vioutton shoes. They value the red sole; they love the name, brand, and product. Therefore, a $600+ price is fair in their eyes. On the other hand, someone will look at that price and that product and think that’s not ‘fair.’ They’d rather put that $600 towards a new decorative chair.

Right now, my husband and I are looking for an acreage with a home. We’re running into two things: location is too far out of town for the price we’re willing to pay, or the acreages that we have been finding in the area we want don’t fit the bill (in our eyes). Our issues we’re seeing are homes that will need to be demolished and rebuilt (which if that’s the case, why spend six figures on building a whole new house?), or homes that aren’t worth six figures to us because they’re outdated or there’s maybe 2 acres to go with it. For us, those prices and those homes are not ‘fair,’ but someone will buy it. Someone sees the price as ‘fair.’

For logos (and any service, really), it’s the same. We have to consider what’s fair to you, what you prioritize, and what you see value in. Fair could be $150 for a logo, or it could be $1,000. Do you see a logo as an investment in your business right now, or do you see it as a stepping stone to help your business look a little more professional? Here are some things you should consider before investing in a logo:

  1. What’s your budget? Your budget will be a huge determining factor in not only what’s ‘fair’ for you, but what you can afford. If outsourcing a logo is going to put you, your business, or your family in a financial bind – save up and wait for it.

  2. What’s your priority? You might find you need a website before you need a logo. Or maybe you need to get your name and contact info out first (like business cards). Here’s the thing about branding; you can ALWAYS evolve, add to it, and grow it. If you’re struggling with finances, but you know you need something to look professional, reach an audience and get your name out there, prioritize your finances and what your business needs first.

  3. Who’s your designer going to be? You don’t have to say yes to the first designer you find. It’s okay to interview or meet with multiple ones; you want to know, like, and trust this designer. It’s an investment you’re making, and this is the direction you’re going to be growing your business and brand.

All said and done, if you want to spend $150 or less on a logo, you’ll likely be working with a new designer or college student. This price point isn’t bad, and it doesn’t mean you won’t get quality work. You certainly can, but the process will likely be messy; you might find you don’t like what you pay for and have to redo it later (which can get expensive if you’re putting your logo on lots of things), or it just won’t get done.

If you’re looking to spend upwards of $400 or more, you’ll most likely get additional services (like business card designs) or extra logo options or revisions. Also, you’ll be working with a designer who’s a professional or who’s been in the field for longer than a year. Once you get towards $1,000+ for logo designs, you’re probably working your way into a bundle or package, or maybe an even an agency.

In the end, a ‘fair’ price for a logo design is really up to you, what you’re able or willing to spend and who you hire as your designer. Just remember that much like shoes, the cheaper isn’t always the better. But you can still get shitty shoes spending lots of money, too. Know your budget, invest in where you want your business to be, and understand what value means to you.

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