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Creating content is hard. We get all excited about the the start of our business… sharing our passions, vision and talents with the world. Showcasing our servitude to help solve problems. We see ourselves as the hero to our own journey and showing how others can be a hero for theirs.

But then our bubble is quickly popped by a sharp needle called marketing and advertising. We all knew that this was something we were going to need to do when starting the small biz journey. But at the same time, most of us didn’t really know…..

All the hats we were going to have to wear like accounting, networking, book keeping, hr, marketing, advertising, production. All. The. Hats. So when it comes time to actually talking about our business, often times we’re so caught up in the dang thing we forget how to share it. Or we’re consumed with everything else we just tend to freeze and resort to ‘buy my shit’ or ‘hire me… plz thank u’.

All of this said, content creation shouldn’t be overly complicated. I think we, as small business owners, tend to over complicate it because we have so much on our plate or we see someone doing it ‘better’ than us. I’m going to share with you 5 types of content that works for every business:

  1. Who are you, even? Seriously – who are you and why did you start your business? That’s always a good starting point for content. Share your story! Share who you are. Whether or not you have a brick and mortar store – when customers come in, they’ll ask questions… maybe how long have you been around, what do you do, when did you start, why did you start etc. Start the convo about your business and who you are, welcome them to your corner of the interwebs.

  2. Benefits. What are the benefits of buying your products and/or services?

  3. Behind the scenes. HOW do you make the thing you’re making? How do you serve your clients/customers? What can someone expect when they walk through your doors or hire you?

  4. Education. Share information that your typical client wouldn’t know. Educate them on your product/service. This helps put you as an authority and shows them that you know what the eff you’re talkin’ about. It provides value and helps them build trust with you.

  5. Your individual products and services. Rather than lumping everything into a ‘shop now’ or ‘i do this, this, this AND this’ – separate them individually and showcase each one.

My biggest thing I can say about social media – is that it was created to be social. To network and connect. Don’t over complicate it… have fun with it! Start the conversation and ask questions.

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