Holiday Glam

Cheers, 2021

Oh my lanta, your brand is gonna look so good in these. To help gear you up for the holidays, I’ve got three sets of design options for you. One is a little more traditional, one that’s playfully creative and another that’s got a nice touch of modern design. All in all, you have well over 30 templates for squares and stories, which you can mix and match all you want.

These templates/designs can be used on all social media platforms including Facebook, blogs, newsletters, Pinterest and more. Before you start designing your templates make sure you MAKE A COPY MAKE A COPY MAKE A COPY MAKE A COPY. I can’t stress that enough. You want to make sure that your account always has a master copy of the template before you start making changes and edits.


I’d love to see your progress and the creations you make, so feel free to tag me on insta at @_ck.design_