Design Inspiration: Stay Inspired

In this week’s direction for inspiration, let’s talk about how to stay inspired. Being a business owner is a ton of fun, but it can also be a total drag. It’s a time and energy suck that’s equally rewarding and energizing for us. It gives us the opportunity to build our dreams, to see them through, to step into our current calling, to embrace a purpose or the purpose, to build freedom and then some.

So what do we do to keep us inspired and keep us motivated in this current pursuit we find ourselves in? I’ve got a few recommendations for you to stay inspired in your brand and business.

Look your brand in everyday things. Let’s look at your brand colors for example: where do you see them throughout the day? Play a game with yourself to see how many items, moments or situations that you spot your brand color(s). It doesn’t have to be all of them together, it can just be one.  See how it’s used, how it plays in the environment, how it can relate to your ideal client, how it relates to other colors and designs. It might spark a new content idea, product, service or marketing idea to your business.

If you end up doing this little inspiration play, I’d love to see what you come up with and any ideas/observations you’ve made!

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