Design Inspiration: Simplicity in Design

For today’s inspiration I thought I’d share with you a trend I’ve noticed and where I think many people are headed the rest of this year (and probably for a while).


Simple living. Easy living. NOT keeping up with the Kardashians. Clear, cut and to the point – less work or feeling the need to be convinced to buy the thing.

Less is always more when it comes to design, but that’s not to say you can’t fill it with super duper fun things. It’s kind of like the saying ‘when you know the rules you can break the rules’.

Websites don’t need to be complex. Sales pages don’t need to be complex. And while I’m not a copywriter by trade – I don’t think copy needs to be complex either.

How can you succinctly say what it is you do, how you solve it and the benefit for your client without all the fluff to distract them?

We’re in a time where sustainability is thriving (hey thrift stores!), more intentional buying (you don’t need to lower your prices, your clients are just more intentional about where they put their money), slow lane is appealing (goodbye, burnout), more connection (did someone say COVID lockdowns).

Make it easy for your people.

Your brand and brand designs don’t need to be complicated. Keep the fluff where it’s needed to connect, but overall, just take it easy.

If you’d like to read more on some trends for 2023 and what’s left of it, peep this PDF.

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