It’s Gettin’ Hawt.

Things are opening up, lookin’ up and if you’re anything like me — you like your closet to be not so overwhelming with endless choices. So we purge and we make sure our wardrobe is on point this summer as we gather with the company of sweltering heat. 

Bike shorts – trendy and nostalgic (all my 90’s bbs out there, I know you feel this) but also athletic and perfect for these obnoxiously hot summer days.

Fresh sunnies – 100% yes. Pool-side days are here.

Comfy sandals – easy to slip on, easy to dress up, and most of all, comfy.

Flirty top – great for date night, hot nights, and easy to layer in the season.

Check, check, check, check *adds to cart*

Anytime I find myself browsing the interwebs I’m reminded about how important it is for a website to not only attracting and converting me into actually BUYING something. Segue to today’s email and why I’m telling you this. A great website does two things: (1) it attracts your dream contact and (2) it converts your dream contact into a dream client. How, you may ask? By Calls to action. Sales driven CTAs.

This doesn’t have to be overly complicated. They’re things you want someone visiting your site to do. “Sign Up Here”, “Book Now”, “Contact Me”. Simple, direct and inviting your visitors to actually do something.

Not having a CTA on your website is like asking your toddler what they want to have for supper when clearly literally anything under the sun is not good enough. It’s the worst.

Same experience for your visitor – they’ll find themselves exclaiming, “Where’s the big shiny button that says ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Sign up’?! I can’t chase you all over this page!!”

If you’re asking yourself  “How do I get one of these great websites that looks amazing and converts, too?”, then I’ll let you in on my little secret — don’t do it yourself. 

You can pour hours into making outlines, writing copy and try to catch sleep counting sheep writing code. 

You get one opportunity and a matter of seconds to wow someone with your website and convert them into a customer. Your website IS your biggest sales tool and it shouldn’t be something you just settle on.

So what do you do to get a great-not-good website? 

Let a pro do the design heavy lifting for you. (That’s me, btw).

I’ve got two ways I can help you with this. 

👉 Build a custom website that you can launch in 2-4 weeks.
👉 Customize a template that you can launch in just a few days (or less).

They’re both great options and they both depend on your position. If you’re on a tight deadline or budget, then a template might be just the thing for you. If you’re looking for a website that’s 100% unique to your brand and your visitors and you have a website that needs more than few templated pages, then a custom site is just for you.

And if you still need some help picking a template, or you’re not sure where to start, book a call with me today. I promise I’m super friendly and non-judgey. 

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