Ditch The Heat And That Third Wheel.

At the beginning of the month I got to watch my two girls play their first Tball game. It was the best. The dirt held most of my youngest’s attention and my oldest couldn’t help but chase the ball everywhere and anywhere on the field. It was like watching dogs play fetch, but cuter IMO.

Here’s the thing my dude, as much as I loved watching my girls play and have fun – it was hot AF out. I couldn’t let my legs touch more than a few seconds. I forgot to bring a folding chair so the dry grass was very intrusive and we were out of ice cold water. Mom of the year over here. Planner, I am not.

That heat? It was more present than a third wheel because basically if anything touched your skin it was absolutely unbearable and made its presence very obvious.

You know what’s an equally annoying third wheel? The things that keep interrupting any brand ideas or business progress you wanna do. You know, that thing when you’re trying to day dream about the next pivot or the next thing you can offer in your business, but as soon as that idea starts to surface… 


Overwhelming design tasks. Because oh yeah – that thing you wanna do? Requires a design. Probably a good great design. And time.

Here’s the other thing friend, my girls didn’t give a flying F about the heat. My girls (and the rest of the kiddos) were having so much fun. They had all the things they needed: sunscreen, a coach to show them how to throw, where to throw, when to throw, when to run (where to run to), how to hit the ball and hold the bat, ice cold water including ice cubes for snacking on, a ton of cheerleaders saying that they’re awesome and they’re proud of them so they could be present and have fun AND they even got a freezy treat at the end of it all. 

*cheesy metaphor (or simile? Honestly I get the two mixed up all the time. This is why I work with awesomely talented copywriters) coming in*

VIP days offer you the coaching, ice cold water, cheerleaders, and freezy treat at the end of the day so you can enjoy playing the actual game – working on your business or taking the day off. 

Sunscreen = shield from overwhelm

Your coaching = brand strategy

Ice cold water = stay hydrated and focused on what matters

Cheerleaders = me! I’m here to shout that you’re amazing, these brand designs of yours that I’m working on are gonna be amaze balls and if we need anything else for your brand, I’ll recommend, organize and get it set up for you.

Freezy treat = relief from the task list stress and amazing designs you’re so excited to devour and share.

We can do one VIP day or we can bundle some together for a custom package. Truly it’s as streamlined as this: we talk about your goals, we prioritize them, and I’ll let you know if we can get it done in a day or if we need more.

Quick, fast brand design that you feel excited about.

Whether you’re more interested in playing in the dirt, frolicking in a field, chasing a ball, focusing on different tasks in your business or quite frankly making time to play at all, I got you covered friend.

Book a call today and so you can go out and play 🙂

P.S. Skip to the bottom? No worries I can sum it up here: a VIP day will get your brand designs done so you can launch the dang thing with ease and confidence. Book a call today!

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