You Have Permission To Let Go.

Happy Tuesday my friend. 

I’ve been working on my schedule for the school year and I’m feeling some sense of ease, security and peace. Structure is a nice thing to have and I’m beginning to really – really learn how to delegate where I can. 

I’m not pro at it, but I am getting better. 

Since homeschooling last year and into this year, too – it quite literally forced me to create routines, balance and a non-negotiable time blocking schedule. 

Ya know what? 

I still get new clients, work well with my current clients and my business continues to function. I’d argue that it functions better than it did before because of it. 

Delegating for me looks like having someone do my taxes and bank reconciliation for me, having someone do my admin tasks like: scheduling, sending proposals, responding to emails, ordering products or packaging brand items to upload to the google drive for client delivery. All things that I can’t imagine having as much time for any more and when I do find myself dipping into it all – I’m stressed out AF.

If you’re tired of being filled to the brim with things within your business, here are some tips to help you figure out where and what you can delegate:

 Make a list of what you currently work on in your business and personal/home life. List everything – and I mean everything. Dishes, laundry, walking the dog, accounting, social media, writing blog posts, answering emails, web design, etc.

 Which items do you enjoy doing and which items would you love to say goodbye to.

⭐ Delegate the ones you wanna say goodbye to or make a plan to start delegating them. 

For personal life – this could look like hiring someont o pick up the dog shit in your back yard (hey Roxi & Co!), get a house cleaner to come once a week, month or quarter for a nice deep clean. 

Hire someone to create a content/marketing plan for you so you don’t have to think about it. 

Buy a website template or hire a designer to create a site for you so all you have to do is say ‘I like this, not that’. and it’s done – launched and ready for you to celebrate.

The good news on the later: Tonic is having a 20% off sale for their fall launch Tuesday, September 12th – Tuesday September 19th. Save the date for that bad boy. And if you’d still like a custom site or some help with a template, respond to this email and we’ll get the convo started.

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