Reconnecting With The Past.

Sometimes as a business owner I find it hard to figure out how much to share or not share, considering that in today’s age it seems that everything is content. So we find ourselves in the place of being hesitant to share for fear of being too personal, or regretting our over sharing because we just vomited our entire life story and recent struggles on complete strangers.

This is an email where I’m not sure where it’s gonna land, but here we are.

My great uncle passed away last week and we had his funeral on Saturday. Thankfully I haven’t been to an abundance of funerals, but out of all the funerals I have gone to, it was definitely one of the most fun.

While I have fond memories of who he was, I wasn’t particularly close with him. I was close to that side of the family as a whole, though. I grew up with them being a consistent staple for the holidays. We’d play football after thanksgiving dinner and I’d give horse rides for all the smaller cousins every Christmas.

There were some really great stories shared at my great uncle’s funeral and some really great conversations of catching up with the same cousins I used to buck around the living room on Christmas acting like a bull. 

My favorite part after his funeral, was heading to the races at I-90 and watching my cousins race. Just about everyone was there.

It had me feeling a certain way being dipped in nostalgia. I watched my girls roll down the hills and chase each other around the park with their friends and cousins just like I did when I was their age when we went to the races every Saturday.

It felt familiar, wholesome and a little sad.

This last week I’ve found comfort in sleeping in (honestly feel super lucky to have girls that sleep like rocks and allow for this), building an impromptu garden, pulling weeds, blisters, mud between my toes, getting lost in the show the Bear, and getting my ass kicked at boxing class.

While this summer has had some looming personal darkness, there has been so much play being had. For that I’m so thankful, and I hope that you First name / friend, are making time to play, too.

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