Monthly Hot Brand Tips: July 2023

Develop A Brand Personality.

This will help your brand be more relatable and build stronger emotional connections with your audience. Wanna find your brand personality? Try this quiz! ◡̈

Create A Recognizable Logo.

Your logo should be unique, memorable, and easily recognizable. It doesn’t have to be overly complex, and you don’t need to have the thing you do in your logo, either

Have Some Brand Guidelines.

Having a brand style guide helps keep your brand consistent and keeps everyone on he same page on how to use all the things for your brand. Book a mini VIP Day if you could use some help making one ◡̈

Take It Personally Podcast.

Recently my episode on the Take it Personally Podcast aired – wahoo! We talk about business, brand colors and brand strategy. Go give it a listen!

Design for Scalability.

This is where logo variations come in handy. If your logo has too much detail in it, makes sure it (or a variation of it) works in small spaces.

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