Cocaine Bear.

I just watched Cocaine Bear the other night and loved it. It’s a bit more gruesome than I was expecting, but also I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect either. I think I was expecting more of a comedy, so all the other things that happened in the movie surprised me, in the best way. I had a very similar experience with Cabin in the Woods, too.

As I was watching this, working on my newsletter opt-in sequence things, I was reminded of my honeymoon with my husband. We took a bit of a tour through some national parks like Big Horn, Glacier, Yellowstone, and a very short visit through the Tetons.

Out of all of those visits, I recommend Glacier a million times over.

I remember going on this hike in Glacier and Tom kept yelling ‘Here Bear! Here Bear! YIP, YIP!’ and I wanted to push him off the trail. It was annoying AF and made it real hard to enjoy nature with all that pheasant (bear) calling going on. But also it’s bear country and IDK about you but I feel pretty confident that a bear attack would be terrifying AF. The Revenant, anyone? It was a very conflicting hike for me internally.

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That bear is framed in our bedroom next to our wedding photo and Elsie in meh belleh. It was our first fight as a married couple. He wanted to take a picture of the bear with this iphone and a snap on lens, which blocked the view from me – a photographer for a living with proper equipment to take decent ass photos. I. Was. Livid.

In the end, I got a picture. Not the one I wanted, but A picture none-the-less. It was a quiet drive to the next destination, to say the least.

Anyway, this all reminds me of where I was at in my career. I was working at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Kansas City Homes and was subcontracted out after working there in Kansas City for a year. So I worked there full time but also on my own as a self employed subcontractor, in charge of my own taxes. Love it.

Newly married, no children yet, fully capable and with all the time in the world to do all my creative outlets. To be honest, I likely would have been on that burnout road for a much longer time if it wasn’t for having kids.

Once kids entered the picture I very quickly learned that I in fact can not do all the things all of the time. The biggest takeaway I gained from this time was this: time is very much limited and so easy to waste these days. To spend it on distractions that don’t serve you (hello scrolling on the phone for hours with nothing to show for it).

I’ve been self employed for 10 years. 7 of those years has been full-time. The last 3 years has taught me the value of delegating, that business is very much a slow growth/long game – no matter what all the gurus and courses try to sell you, and how important it is to prioritize your time.

Time value looks different for everyone. That said, taking time off and making time to play is what I recommend for everyone at every stage in their business. It is a must. 

You need time off to avoid burn out, or time away from certain tasks that are drowning your focus to grow your business, or time to have fun again so you can feel rejuvenated in your business. Book a call today so we can do that for you!

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