Portfolio Pages for Copywriters and How to Make it Not Suck

Ever wonder how to showcase all your awesome word smithing but get overwhelmed with all the… copy? You’ve got these great websites, email funnels, sales pages or social media copy (to name a few) that produced great results, but they’re a little wordy and you don’t know how to showcase them without the words. I get it. And I’ve got you.

Being a copywriter means you likely have a creative mind, because you are an artist with words and you’re able to paint a picture in the minds eye. You can pitch the sale, you can get to anyone’s level and point out what they need and why they need it – quite honestly you guys are magical wizards. So let’s work at how we can reframe your words so they’re a little more engaging visually, direct and less overwhelming so your viewers don’t feel like they’re reading a novel that doesn’t really relate to them or their brand.

Here’s one approach you can use to showcase your copy in a nice visual way:

  1. List out what the client needed, what their goals were, what their pain points were and what the project all entailed. You can decide to cut this up into different sections, or you can highlight 1-2 of these things as the main highlight for the project. Think about what was the most valuable thing your client got out of the project, the biggest thing that they needed and how your lead/viewer can relate to this in the simplest terms.
  2. Show the behind the scenes on the project. What did you do to help achieve these goals? What kind research did you go through, how did you dig into the client’s brand to develop their brand voice, what is their brand voice and what words were the key descriptors for them? What key words stood out to you to help do your research and develop the copy? Make this digestible so it’s easy for your viewers to understand how you approached solving the problem and helping them reach their goal(s).
  3. Share the end result! This could be a testimonials and statistics or even the final piece with the design. You could also show some before and afters – like here is where their CTA’s sucked, and now they’re amazing. Or this page only got 5 views a month and now they get 500 bajillion because I’m a magical word smith wizard.

If you’d like some visual inspiration on how I helped Sara with What Sara Said build her portfolio page, peep the images below. I followed the same method as mentioned above 🙂 Click here to view her portfolio and peep the full scope for yourself, too.

If you know you need help with creating a new portfolio page, spruce up your website or just need a website in general, we can figure out a VIP day experience for you. Whether it’s 1 day or a bundle of days, well get your brand design task list off your plate and help you look amazin’ AF. Head on over to the contact page to get the convo goin!

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