Custom Nails by Jeanette

Congratulations to Jeanette for her brand launch! Jeanette reached out to me a little over a month ago when I had my 35% off logo sale to get one made just for her business. I’m always excited when new branding projects come my way, especially industries that I haven’t gotten into yet. Beauty and manicures are both ones that are brand new to me, so this was such a fun challenge.

When we were going through the brand discovery workbook, one thing that stood out the most about her visions was edgy but feminine. A woman who’s down to earth but holds her value high. She enjoys a fancy cocktail, might have a cigarette every now and then (young rebel at heart), feels strong in who she is and likes to show it in subtle ways – like a set of new nails, and doesn’t mind challenging the status quo or paving her own way.

All of this really shouted queen bee to me. A woman in charge of her destiny that can be loud when she needs to be but also just a subtle badd as babe. As I was designing her logo I had a few concepts in mind that I felt really needed to be told:

  1. A crown

  2. Nails

  3. Rebellion

Jeanette also had a pretty solid idea of her vision which also included holographic or iridescent designs. Those are two things that she already included in her packaging (which when you order some nails from her, man she did a great effing job putting that all together). When business owners come to me with a solid vision of who they are and where they want to be, it helps speed up the process (as it takes some guess work out of it). That said, without further ado, let me help introduce you to the new Custom Nails by Jeanette brand!


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