5 Categories to Use for Content


One of the best things I did with my business was to create categories. Some people have 5, some people have a bajillion. I personally recommend having at minimum 5, though. What do I mean by create categories for my business? WELL. Let me share!When it comes to posting consistently on social media, writing consistent newsletters, creating content for your website or any print/digital item, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stuck. By creating categories that your audience has already told you the like and creating categories that you want your audience to know about, you then have a topic that can help prompt your writings. If you’re unsure on where to start, here are 5 categories that fit with 99.9% of businesses.

  1. Tips and or tricks. Share things to help your audience. We’ll use CK Design for an example. Some of the tips that I share are similar to this blog post (helping create categories for content), fonts that work well for your brand, how to be prepared for brand photography, how to use brand photography etc.

  2. Behind the scenes. This is SUCH an easy one to use. Everyone loves to see what goes behind a project when it’s finished, or to see how a business does something. You can also use behind the scenes as an opportunity to share the community you’re building. One of my clients: Game Chest, does a FANTASTIC job at this. They share sooooo much about their business, what’s going on, when they have game nights, when they’re stocking/how they stock etc. I love seeing their progress. It creates a relationship even if you don’t know them personally. It builds trust and it’s such a wonderful way to be inclusive. Invite your people in!

  3. Insight. This kind of goes in with tips and tricks, but this can be deeper. Insight about your business or market that your average Joe wouldn’t have access to or knowledge about. Insight about your software, about what’s trending, what’s consistent, what they should or shouldn’t be doing.

  4. About you. People buy from people. Plain and simple. Share YOUR story, your business story, who you are, who your business is. Everyone loves a good story. Especially if it’s your market. They buy from you for a reason.

  5. Product/service highlight. Another easy one. If you sell products, share them! Take a picture of your favorite product and share why it’s your favorite. Take a picture of your best selling product and share WHY people buy it. Share a new product and why they SHOULD buy it. Have a service you offer? Share. It. What is your service and what makes it different from the others.

You can have more categories, there’s nothing wrong with having more. Just make it consistent and make it so that it caters to your audience. Chances are your audience has already told you what they want to see/read/hear. What photos and posts garner the most likes/comments/shares? Boom. Easily a subject you can repeat over and over and over and over.

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