The Jester



Basically this is your class clown. They’re fun, playful, always want to please and just live life with a purpose filled with optimism and laughter..

They see the best in ever y situation and they fear loneliness/sadness/negativity. Some prominent examples include Jim Carey (almost any fun character like the Mask or Ace Ventura), Old Spice and Skittles.

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Picture by Jakob Owens



If you’re already in alignment with the Jester brand and you fit the aesthetic, make your DIY brand journey a little easier and shop the Canva templates I have ready-made for you!

One thing I want to note here, you can be a class clown and live outside of the vibrant, funny vibe. You can totally be a jester that is all knowing (the sage) or soft like the caregiver.

Understand your story, who your client is and then build the bridge to connect the two. It’s magic, I promise.

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Great stories start with a vision.

 Branding is all about story telling and creating relationships. It’s an experience. A great way to build on that is by putting all your ideas into a mood board. Click the button below to get started and make sure to use the resources in the next section to help create your mood board.

Extra resources and goodies.

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Jester archetypes are all about fun, humor and play. When choosing colors for your brand, consider colors that evoke joy, laughter and fun. Try bright and bold colors like yellows, oranges, reds. As always, make sure it connects with your target market.


Whenever you’re adding visuals to your brand you want to keep it consistent with your story. Consider writing down adjectives to describe your brand and use those words as search words when looking for imagery or working with a photographer/designer.


Fonts are more than letters and words. They’re characters that project the tone of your brand, how it talks to your audience. When picking fonts, your headline fonts should stand out, paragraph/content fonts should always be legible.

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