Canva – Social Works


Truly, thank you. We appreciate your donation, so, so much. As a special treat, wäke and I are providing you these canva templates. You’ll get 10 story designs (vertical) and 10 square designs. On top of that you also get a page dedicated to the elements used for the design(s) so you can have some fun and create your own. Feel free to include any new designs with the wäke logo and Social Works logo to help keep the story going. We believe in the power of the arts, which is why we’re gifting you these templates that are artfully made to help you share your story all the while bringing social awareness to a pretty sweet organization.

You will need a canva account to use these designs. You don’t need to pay for the pro account at all. These are all accessible through a free account. Before you start designing your templates make sure you MAKE A COPY MAKE A COPY MAKE A COPY MAKE A COPY. I can’t stress that enough. You want to make sure that your account always has a master copy of the template before you start making changes and edits. I’d love to see your progress and the creations you make, so feel free to tag me on insta at @_ck.design_.

Cheers, and as always – happy branding!