Canva: Instagram Tempaltes

Make it stand out.

Welcome to stress-free and easy to use templates. You’ve got 25 square social posts and 25 story posts. These can be used on all social media platforms including Facebook, blogs, newsletters, Pinterest and more.Before you start designing your templates make sure you MAKE A COPY MAKE A COPY MAKE A COPY MAKE A COPY. I can’t stress that enough. You want to make sure that your account always has a master copy of the template before you start making changes and edits. I’d love to see your progress and the creations you make, so feel free to tag me on insta at @_ck.design_.

Canva offers free photos you can use through their platform, but I’ve also created a handful of collections through Unsplash that you can sift through here.

Cheers, and as always – happy branding!